It was the night before Kathleen’s birthday. She was out for a casual late-night snack with her mom and brother at a local Lazy Dog Restaurant when some random guy bought her a drink and sent it over to her table {SPOILER ALERT: It was Dan!}.

Graeagle Engagement Session

A single red rose rested on his lap. Mike sat on a bench outside of Awful Annie’s waiting and anticipating the arrival of Jayna – a wonderfully kind-hearted woman he had been talking to and getting to know over the past month. They had never seen each other before this point, but the second she arrived and they saw each other for the first time, sparks flew!

Lincoln Engagement Session

Sometimes all it takes is one look. One hand shake. One greeting. And your whole world could change for the better! That’s exactly what happened for Aaron and Candace! Aaron walked into a new church one morning, and left having had met his future wife!

Sacramento Engagement Session

They saw each other from across the room, and sparks immediately flew! Who would have thought that a simple happenstance would evolve into true love.

Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

James and Sarah’s romantic proposal story at AT&T Park in San Francisco!

Romantic AT&T Park Proposal