Graeagle Engagement Session

Kathleen + Dan

It was the night before Kathleen’s birthday. She was out for a casual late-night snack with her mom and brother at a local Lazy Dog Restaurant when some random guy bought her a drink and sent it over to her table {SPOILER ALERT: It was Dan!}. Kathleen kindly accepted and went over to talk with the generous guy who just bought her a drink. After talking for some time, Dan asked for Kathleen’s number IN FRONT OF HER MOM, and she gave it to him! The rest is history! They both entered that restaurant thinking they were just hanging out with friends or family, and yet it almost seems like destiny that they met – being at the same place at the same time! Well, I can’t completely chalk it up to destiny. Dan’s boldness to buy a girl a drink while she was out with her mom and brother is also quite impressive! I raise my glass to you, Dan! Putting yourself out there totally paid off! Haha!

When you see Kathleen and Dan together, they’re always having fun! Whether that’s out hiking and exploring the outdoors, fishing, finding new microbreweries, or golfing, they love being together and having a good time! People, relationships, and experiences mean the world to them, and you can see that by their actions and intentionality. For this reason, I cannot think of any better way to celebrate their union as husband and wife than an intimate and fun backyard wedding on their property in Johnsville! Lots of lawn games, dancing, drinks and laughter! And for a couple who loves the mountains and being outdoors, this is the perfect way to celebrate their love!

I always suggest for my couples to have their engagement session at a meaningful location. A place that means a lot to them, they frequently visit, or maybe where the couple got engaged. Kathleen and Dan chose their favorite place – up in the mountains, specifically at a resort fairly close to their property and where they visit often for drinks and dinner. The resort was closed for the off season, so we were the only ones there and it was MAGICAL! The views were spectacular. The snow covered, isolated golf course turned into a winter wonderland. And the sun came out to play and provide us with the dreamiest golden light that reflected right off the snow. It was PERFECT!

*Shout out to The Brewing Lair, which is their favorite brewery in the Graeagle area, and is the place where the glasses are from that we used for this session. I LOVE how they incorporated beer! Totally added another personal touch to the session!

A Note to the Couple

Kathleen and Dan – When I first met you during our video consultation, I knew I had to capture your wedding! Hearing all about your interests and hobbies, sharing an appreciation for microbreweries – You’re my type of people! I’ve had a blast with every interaction we’ve had and am eagerly waiting for August to come so we can hang out again! You are both so genuine, kind, hilarious and fun! It’s often said that people should marry their best friend. Well, I totally see that with you two! You two are perfect for each other and I know your marriage is going to be full of many more exciting adventures! Thank you for choosing me to capture the beginning of quite possibly the best adventure you’re ever going to take. August cannot come soon enough!

All my love, Denise





















Graeagle Engagement Inspiration

To be honest, I had never heard of Graeagle before meeting Kathleen and Dan! Graeagle is part of Plumas County and started out as a lumber town back in 1916. It definitely offers a small town, rustic, mountainous vibe! As of 2010, Graeagle was reported to have a population of 737. The Brewing Lair (the brewery mentioned earlier in this post) is the only brewery in Plumas County. However, despite its smaller population size, Graeagle is quickly growing as a desired location for destination weddings! And after visiting, I can now see why! It offers open fields, mountain-peak views, creeks and breathtaking tree-scapes. It’s offers everything an outdoors loving couple would dream of in a wedding, or an engagement session! But what I love most about this session is the significance Nakoma Resort plays in Kathleen and Dan’s relationship. Choosing a location that is sentimental to you as a couple is key to having a more intimate and meaningful engagement session, and I’m all about the sentiment!

Graeagle Engagements

If you and your significant other love the mountains and being in the great outdoors, then you should consider Graeagle for your engagement session! Nakoma Resort and Chalet View Lodge are two stunning venues near the Graeagle area, and both would be breathtaking locations for an engagement session or wedding, and I want to be a part of it!

Are you interested in having your engagement session in the Sierras? Perhaps even Graeagle? I’d love to connect with you! Contact me here!

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