Lincoln Engagement Session

Jayna + Mike

A single red rose rested on his lap. Mike sat on a bench outside of Awful Annie’s waiting and anticipating the arrival of Jayna – a wonderfully kind-hearted woman he had been talking to and getting to know over the past month. They had never seen each other before this point, but the second she arrived and they saw each other for the first time, sparks flew! They connected instantly! What started out as a simple breakfast date became a 6 HOUR (!!!) conversation about their individual life history, lessons learned, personal goals and dreams. Mike, being the romantic that he is, wrote Jayna a poem for this first date, and it was then, while she read it and cried at the beauty of his words, that Mike knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

To say Mike and Jayna are smitten with each other is an understatement. They can barely contain their love for each other and the joy they feel from their relationship! For example, when Mike proposed, Jayna quietly and intimately said yes, but Mike… Mike was so ecstatic that he raised his hands above his head and shouted victoriously to the entire restaurant , “ She said yes!” So, whether you know them personally or not, seeing them together will without a doubt make you smile!

We started Mike and Jayna’s engagement session where it all started! We met up at Awful Annie’s in Lincoln, California, and took pictures at the very table where they had their first date, and the bench outside of the restaurant where they laid eyes on each other for the very first time! Jayna wore a gorgeous dress with red roses on it to symbolize the red rose Mike gave her! The staff at Awful Annie’s were unbelievably hospitable and welcoming, and in awe that Jayna & Mike’s story started at their restaurant (Thank you, Awful Annie’s, for opening up your doors for us and letting us take some pictures of this very meaningful location). It was the perfect start to a perfect day! After our time at Awful Annie’s, we spent the rest of our time at Coyote Pond Park, also in Lincoln. Mike and Jayna were so easy to photograph! The chemistry. The romance. The passion between them. The jokes and laughter. They were/are a dream!

A Note to the Couple

Jayna and Mike, I was already so excited to capture your wedding day, but your engagement session has built my anticipation so much more! You both have such kind and sweet souls, and it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that found each other! You two are PERFECT for each other! I see you, and your love just makes sense! Your story was one I was so excited to write because it has sparked joy and hope in my own life, and I’m certain it will impact many others! It’s an honor to be able to capture you both in this season and to celebrate with you when you become husband and wife! I had so much fun at your Lincoln engagement session, and can’t wait to capture your wedding day at The Falls Event Center. I know Joyeux Events will make your day absolutely stunning, but everything will only serve as a garnish to the beauty your love story already displays! May seriously cannot come fast enough! THANK YOU again for inviting me into this sacred time of your lives!

All my love, Denise

























Lincoln Engagement Inspiration

Although Lincoln has been experiencing rapid suburban development over the last few years, it still offers open fields full of oaks, tall grass, creeks and ponds. The downtown Lincoln area is particularly quaint with adorable “mom and pop” restaurants, like Awful Annie’s, antique shops and boutiques. Jayna and Mike’s engagement session displayed both aspects Lincoln has to offer – rural fields and the quaint downtown vibe. Talk about variety! But what I love most about this session is the significance Awful Annie’s plays in their relationship. Choosing a location that is sentimental to you as a couple is key to having a more intimate and meaningful engagement session, and I’m all about the sentiment!

Lincoln Engagements

If you and your significant other are looking for a location that offers history and gorgeous natural landscapes, then you should consider Lincoln for your engagement session! Venues such as Catta Verdera Country Club and Orchard Creek Lodge are all housed within Lincoln, as well as some scenic parks, such as McCormick Park and Coyote Pond Park.

Are you interested in having your engagement session somewhere in Lincoln? I’d love to connect with you! Contact me here!

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