Point Reyes Engagement Session

Sarah + James

The ring had been bought and the anticipation for a proposal was building! Sarah and James had gone to pick out her engagement ring in September, but then October rolled around, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Sarah knew it was coming, but when was it actually going to happen?! In January, James planned a trip for them to Sausalito, and Sarah thought for sure it would be then – maybe while they were at dinner next to the San Francisco Bay?! But it didn’t happen… again! However, just before their trip, James told Sarah he had scheduled a last minute tour of Oracle Park (which at the time was still AT&T Park) for them and both of their families were going to meet them there. Oblivious to his plan, Sarah thought, “Well, that’s cool because we’re in the area anyways.” Little did she know that the “last minute” tour had actually taken months to plan and would end with the perfect proposal for their love story (read the whole proposal story here)!

Choosing for the proposal to be held at AT&T Park wasn’t just for fun! The park had become a special place for them. One that brought fond memories! James knew both of their families loved the Giants, that they themselves loved the Giants, and that they had even enjoyed several games at that very stadium. It’s been part of their lives for a while – both individually and as a couple! Additionally, if you rewound several months back, James and Sarah had even gone on a date to watch an SF Giants game and were chosen for the kiss-cam! They were projected on the screen, shared a memorable kiss in front of tens of thousands of people, and it was on that very same screen that his proposal message of “Sarah, Will you marry me? – James” was displayed when he asked her to marry him! James and Sarah are very intentional people who think through details and try to make all their trips as life-giving and meaningful as possible. They plan things with purpose! So when it came time to plan their engagement session, they knew they wanted to choose a place that defined them as a couple. A place that brought them peace. A place they felt they could be themselves.

Sarah and James have always been drawn to coastal life. Really, they’re drawn to any place where extreme temperatures are pretty much non-existent! So places like San Francisco, Sausalito, Seattle, or the entire country of Ireland, they’re drawn to the beauty of the rugged cliffs, the smell of fresh ocean air, and the cold that the fog brings as it slowly creeps inland. Those places have their names written all over them! Those are the places that bring them peace! Knowing this, we planned to have their engagement session in Point Reyes, California – a place that offers cliffs that very closely mimic those in Ireland. We started their session at the Point Reyes Light House (which was under construction during our visit), and explored the surrounding cliffs and trails. The lush greenery and rugged cliffs absolutely mimicked those found in Ireland! As we approached the lighthouse area, the fog began to quickly creep in. At first the photographer within me was bummed because I was hoping for dreamy golden light, however, once I saw the back of my camera after those first few frames… OBSESSED! The fog definitely added a very mystical element to their images that made their session unlike any I’d ever done! Plus, as I mentioned earlier, James and Sarah LOVE the fog! Score! Then we ended our session at the Cypress Tree Tunnel. Normally this location is swarmed with tourists and photographers, but I was shocked to find that we were the only ones (!!!). We were able to get some amazing landscape shots without anyone in the background! I really don’t think their session could have been any more perfect! I know it will be one I will be sharing for a long, long time!

A Note to the Couple

Sarah and James – I don’t know what more to say than I love you both so much! I’ve loved watching your relationship grow over the years, and to now take such an involved role in this season of your lives humbles me beyond measure. You are both amazing people individually, but together you’re an INCREDIBLE team! You push each other to become better versions of yourselves, support each other through thick and thin, and love with every inch of your being – never asking or demanding for anything in return. You two are truly perfect for each other! Thank you so much for choosing and trusting me to capture this exciting season of your lives! I’m looking so forward to all the future showers and parties we will have before your wedding, but I CAN’T WAIT for your wedding weekend! What a joyous time that’s going to be!

All my love, Denise


















Point Reyes Engagement Inspiration

For being a coastal town, Point Reyes offers a large variety in landscape – from rugged cliffs, to sandy seashores, to flattened land of shrubs where cattle roam for free. It gives a small town, coastal vibe while still offering breathtaking historical landmarks – perfect for couples who love the coast and going on adventures! While Point Reyes may take a little longer than other destinations, it’s most definitely a location that will help create some epic engagement pictures!

Point Reyes Engagements

If you and your significant other love the coast and being in the great outdoors, then you should consider Point Reyes for your engagement session! The Point Reyes Lighthouse, the shipwreck of San Agustin, and the Cypress Tree Tunnel are just three stunning locations the area has to offer. Whether you want to have your session at one of those spots or somewhere else in Point Reyes, I want to be a part of it!

Are you interested in having your engagement session in Point Reyes? I’d love to connect with you! Contact me here!

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