Romantic AT&T Park Proposal

Sarah + James

As my very first blog post, I thought it was only fitting to write one that was near and dear to my heart. One thing about me – I absolutely adore my family! So when my brother-in-law asked us not only to attend his proposal to his (then) girlfriend Sarah, we were honored! But then he asked if I would take pictures… um, YES! ABSOLUTELY! I figured what better way to kick off my blogging journey then to share James and Sarah’s romantic proposal at AT&T Park.

We all knew James and Sarah were going to get married and a proposal was in the works. If you see them together, you can tell they adore each other! They are able to be themselves, laugh, joke around, but still take a minute to check in and care for one another. Their love is pure, honest and true, and I am so glad they found each other! James has always been a very selfless guy who thrives off of acts of service. It was no surprise when he told us his elaborate proposal plan. He first told us his plan back in September 2017, and shared that the proposal was going to take place in December. Several months later, he had to work with a few curveballs and make adjustments. Finally a date was finalized – January 13, 2018. 

Being huge Giants fans, James arranged for our family and Sarah’s family to all participate in a tour of the San Francisco Giant’s stadium, AT&T Park. He had been communicating with the tour guides for weeks to have our tour end on the field, which it typically doesn’t do. He sneakily had her family bring flowers to the tour and deliver them ahead of time just so he could give her flowers after he proposed. The tour guides hid the flowers in a bat bag! Then he organized for the jumbo screen to read “Sarah, Will you marry me? – James” right after he popped the question. He seriously thought of every little detail and made sure Sarah was surprised! 

The proposal itself was just pure joy! Sarah was shocked! James was on Cloud Nine! The families all cheered – along with several other people watching from the stands! It was no doubt the perfect proposal for them, and I am still honored to have been a part of it. Sarah and James – I love you both!













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