Windy Monterey Coast Engagement Session

Julianna + Kyle

“There’s no way he’s that nice!” “This is too good to be true!” Those are just some of the thoughts Julianna had after her first date with Kyle. He was chivalrous, kind, acted like a total gentleman. He even let her win at basketball! So although Julianna and Kyle connected instantly, the confirmation she needed that he was actually the perfect guy for her didn’t come until a few months later. 

Turns out – yes, Kyle is THAT nice! Over their time of dating, he would leave love notes for Julianna around the house for her to find later. He often buys her flowers just because he loves her and was thinking of her. No other reason needed! But the defining moment wasn’t actually one moment, rather it was watching the other one live their life. Watching them interact with their loved ones. Getting a glimpse into what life would be with the other. Once you start doing life with someone, it’s hard to imagine life without that person. And that’s when you know! 

Kyle and Julianna decided to have their engagement session in Monterey because as Julianna says, “The water is Kyle’s happy place”. We explored a few spots at Asilomar Beach – one that offers both the iconic rocky coastline Northern California is known for, as well as soft white sandy beaches all within walking distance of each other. Even though the wind chill had us all freezing, Julianna and Kyle brought the heat! Their love and connection puts Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook put shame! I mean check out that romantic pickup kiss in the water shot down below! OBSESSED! 

Julianna and Kyle  – Thank you so much for trusting me and inviting me into season with you! You two are rockstars dealing with the cold wind and the cold water, and I so appreciate your willingness to just go with the flow and make the most out of our time together. It’s been a blast getting to know you and I know we’re going to have even more fun on your wedding day in May 2022.  It’s undoubtedly going to be another gorgeous day (hopefully with a little less wind) and filled with so much joy! I can’t wait!

Montery Engagement Inspiration

Monterey is one of California’s most well-known coastal cities, known for it’s shopping, seafood restaurants, and attractions, one of the most popular being Monterey Bay Aquarium. No matter the location, you are guaranteed spectacular ocean views and mild weather making it an ideal spot for weddings and portrait sessions alike! You will undoubtedly be left with pictures people dream of when they envision a “California Wedding” and “California Engagement”.

Monterey Engagements

If you and your significant other love the California coast and being outdoors, then you should consider Monterey for your engagement session! The options for locations are endless, so whether it’s a golf course, a natural preserve, a sandy beach or a rocky cliffside (or all of the above!), I want to be a part of it!

Are you interested in having your engagement session in Monterey? I’d love to connect with you! Contact me here!

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