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I believe marriage to be a sacred union between two people. It is a relationship built on mutual trust. It is a promise to give your best self to someone else on a daily basis. It is a commitment that transcends generations – leaving a legacy of hope and unwavering love. No matter how it began or where the vows take place, that kind of love is worthy to be documented, celebrated, and shared with the world!

My full wedding collection includes 8 hours of coverage by myself and a second photographer. This collection is priced at $3,900.

Now, I do recognize that each wedding is unique and the amount of photography coverage may depend on the couple, their budget, and their vision for their day. For this reason, I’ve constructed my pricing to be easily customizable. Your dream collection is possible!

Let’s chat about your perfect day! Contact me to receive more information about my pricing, and let me know if you’d like a custom quote.



Apart from weddings, I also specialize in family and motherhood portraiture. Being a mom myself, I adore capturing anything from day-to-day lifestyle to huge milestones. Please don’t wait until the next holiday or special occasion before getting you and your loved ones in front of the camera! Life goes by way too fast, and I believe each new season should be professionally captured! Each session will act as a time capsule freezing just another season of your beautiful life together!

You name the place that defines you most – Whether it be a nature walk through the mountains, a visit to the beach, or a session in your home, I would love to hear your vision and make it a reality.

My Portrait Collections begin at $400.